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Verify API

The Verify API is a powerful tool that allows you to check the validity of email addresses and phone numbers. Our API can verify the email format, domain, and username to ensure the email address is valid. Similarly, you can use the API to verify phone numbers.

  • Email addresses: Our API can check the email format, domain, and username to reliably verify whether an email address is valid.
  • Phone numbers: You can use our API to verify phone numbers.

To make it easier for you to use the Verify API within your application, we provide detailed instructions on how to use it in the sidebar. We also support several countries and have made sure that our API is compatible with a range of platforms and languages. So, regardless of the application you’re building, we have you covered.

Please check the sidebar on how to use this API within your application.


When it comes to pricing, we offer a credit-based system that lets you see how many credits you will be billed for each request within the Verify scope. Please visit our pricing page for more details on our credit system and how it works.

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