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ApiCheck is a reliable tool that helps businesses validate their customers’ data with ease. We offer two API services, namely Lookup and Search, to cater to different needs.

The Lookup service is currently available only in The Netherlands and Luxembourg due to unique postal codes and numbers assigned to each street. This service allows users to quickly retrieve address details within one call. It can be especially useful in checkout processes to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers.

On the other hand, the Search service can be used in every supported country. Its main function is to search for different components of an address in a simple and normalized way specific to each country. You can implement this service in various fields such as autocomplete fields to guide customers towards the right and accurate address.

We also offer email and phone number validation to ensure that your customer data is complete and accurate.

To make HTTP requests, please use the following main endpoint:

For optimal usage of our services, we recommend including the following headers with every request:

Accept: application/json
Referer: <the URL you are making the request from>.

We highly encourage you to sign up for an account and review our API endpoints on the left-hand side before getting started. If you need any assistance, we offer reliable support to help you get the most out of our service.


Address data
Country Support Updates
The Netherlands 🟢 Yes (active, verified government data) Every month
Belgium 🟢 Yes (active, verified government data) Every month
Luxembourg 🟢 Yes (active, verified government data) Every month
France 🟢 Yes (active, verified government data) Every month
Germany 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Czech Republic 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Finland 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Italy 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Norway 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Poland 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Portugal 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Romania 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Spain 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Switzerland 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Austria 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Denmark 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
United Kingdom 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Sweden 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Validate API


Service Support
E-mail address Full check of syntax, DNS, greylist, and spam detection
Phone numbers Ceheck of syntax, ability to get type of carrier, line type and formatting options

Not exactly what you are looking for?

Get in touch with us, and we are happy to create custom endpoints or functionalities to fit your needs!