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APICheck helps you validate customer data. We have different endpoints for validations.

The main endpoint for making HTTP requests is:

Some header fields are required to use the API:

  • Accept: application/json
  • X-API-KEY: {your_api_key}
  • Referer: <referer>

Before you start please review our API endpoints on the left-hand side, and sign up for an account.

Note: To prevent misuse of our API some endpoints are rate-limited.

For our address validation service we offer the following support:

Country Support Updates
The Netherlands 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Belgium 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Luxembourg 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
France 🟢 Yes (active) Every month
Italy 🟠 Planned (in development) n/a
Spain 🟠 Planned (in development) n/a
Germany 🟠 Planned (in development) n/a


Run and try out in Postman: